A Profitable and Practical Tool

A Profitable and Practical Tool


When we purchase home or office equipment we usually
focus on the basics such as a computer, a printer and even a shredder.  But how
many people focus on selecting a business card scanner? 

If you haven’t bought one yet, head out the door
right now.  With this incredibly practical device you can forget the days of
spending hours inputting contact information into your computer.  It will help
you improve your social life and even increase the profitability of your
business.  How? 

With a business card scanner you can scan the
information on a card you’ve collected from a friend, a colleague or a possible
customer.  Think about the dozens of networking events you can attend and the
list of contacts you can create in a matter of minutes.  You can then send
newsletters and promotional materials to everyone on your list.  You can
dedicate more time to planning a family event, shopping for the right outfit,
selecting the proper music, savoring the different foods rather than spend hours
looking for all your guests’ addresses.  The scanner will have already done all
that work for you. 

Among the latest models you’ll find one that will
help you categorize your contacts into groups for expedient emailing; it will
also find the name you’re looking for in just seconds.  And don’t miss the ones
that now integrate 3D technology.  As you will learn, the most popular models
are regularly updated to showcase the latest in technology.  However, like
computers, they too become obsolete as new trends in the market are unveiled.  

Selecting the right scanner will depend on how much
you wish to spend.  It will also depend on whether you need it for a small
office, a large company or personal home use.    

It is of course advisable that you shop around until
you find the one that best suits your needs.  Check out the basic card scanners
ideal for personal use; the portable machines that you can take everywhere with
you; or the specialized card scanners, ideal for creating invoices.         

And no matter where you go, make sure to speak with
a salesperson that can guide you properly.  This tool could change your


Unlocking the Value of Your Files

the Value of Your Files

, משה טרספולסקי


today’s business world, the bottom line is what matters most.  This is a major
reason why hiring one of the many document imaging services makes absolute
sense to many business owners.  These services offer much more than just a
simple scan of your documents.  Here, we’ll explain why you should consider
adding one to your business setup right away.


starters, the most reputable document imaging services can provide your company
with services that help you comply with the records management regulations of
your state or your country.  Not only will you improve your company’s
productivity, but you’ll probably see an increase in profits.  The tangible
advantages will help you cut down in document management expenses, while
optimizing your day to day operations.  In fact, soon you’ll come to agree that
these types of services can contribute to an advance in palpable returns on


if you’re wondering how, we’ll tell you.  The information we’re passing on to
you is not based on opinions, but on the observations and conclusions reached
by world class consulting firms.  They’ve spent their time and resources
studying the performance of these services.


concluded that much time is wasted when your staff has to spend an average of
three hours per day searching through files for crucial information.  When this
happens, profits are affected, thus hampering a business from achieving its


document imaging services will take your documents and convert them into
digital folders which can be easily accessed within fractions of seconds.  This
reduces operating expenses and renders the profitability sought.


document imaging service understands the needs of an organization, and can
provide you with the technical solutions that today’s businesses demand.  Their
teams of experts will not only streamline your operation, but will provide you
with the training needed to get your staff working with the system
efficiently.  Your documents will be scanned, your data will be coded and your
office will run smoother than ever.


a special bonus, most document imaging services provide a complimentary records
management costs analysis.  This will help you assess the value of turning your
paper files into well organized electronic folders; it will also assist you in
gaging the value of the savings.


don’t wait.  Find out how much you’re spending on storage, on duplicate copies
or on other unnecessary things that hold your business back. 


Tips to Start a Profitable Trucking Business

to Start a Profitable Trucking Business


provide essential services.  They carry the goods to be delivered to places
like grocery stores, factories, and manufacturers among many.  So if you’re
considering opening a trucking company you’ll need to know how to go about it
in order to ensure success.  At first, you’ll want to consider whether to buy
new trucks or used ones.  Most pre-owned rigs have approximately 500,000 miles
when placed on the sale lot.  With proper care they can last past one million


to beginning the operation, equip your office with the tools that will
guarantee efficiency.  Consider purchasing a computer and installing a records
management program.  Keep in mind that in the trucking business, maintaining
proper records is crucial. 


you lack experience in records management, get the help of a professional who
will show you how to create customer files, how to maintain billing and expense
records, and how to keep track of your drivers’ information.       


Tips to Start a Profitable Trucking Business – חלק 2

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too that as the owner of a trucking company you’re required to keep all records
and not discard them for a minimum of ten years.  As you can see, there’s much
to learn in terms of state and industry regulations.  So don’t hesitate in
hiring an expert to teach you about records management.  Failure to abide by
the laws may result in serious penalties.


build your customer basis, seek the help of local brokers.  They will help you
contact companies who will hire you to lug their loads.  Keep a file for each
customer and accurate records of the loads you transport for them.  By doing so
you’ll have a better handle on payments and accounts to be paid.  Again, this
is where a good records management system will come in handy.  Most experts
recommend that any unpaid bills be sent to a collection agency.  But prior to
taking that step, it’s best that you send out notifications to the delinquent
customers, thus, giving them a chance to pay their debt; after all it may be an
oversight as they may not have a proper records management system in place.


a trucking company can be an exciting endeavor.  And since it entails a
substantial money commitment, don’t skimp on important aids such as a records
management program; and make sure that the trucks you acquire can handle
everything from short trips to long hauls.