Tips to Start a Profitable Trucking Business – חלק 2

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too that as the owner of a trucking company you’re required to keep all records
and not discard them for a minimum of ten years.  As you can see, there’s much
to learn in terms of state and industry regulations.  So don’t hesitate in
hiring an expert to teach you about records management.  Failure to abide by
the laws may result in serious penalties.


build your customer basis, seek the help of local brokers.  They will help you
contact companies who will hire you to lug their loads.  Keep a file for each
customer and accurate records of the loads you transport for them.  By doing so
you’ll have a better handle on payments and accounts to be paid.  Again, this
is where a good records management system will come in handy.  Most experts
recommend that any unpaid bills be sent to a collection agency.  But prior to
taking that step, it’s best that you send out notifications to the delinquent
customers, thus, giving them a chance to pay their debt; after all it may be an
oversight as they may not have a proper records management system in place.


a trucking company can be an exciting endeavor.  And since it entails a
substantial money commitment, don’t skimp on important aids such as a records
management program; and make sure that the trucks you acquire can handle
everything from short trips to long hauls.